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Meet The Team



Dr. Matt Rosen


Dr. Matt Rosen


Matt graduated from the University of Qld in 2005 with first class honours. He started his career in a rotating internship at Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, learning surgery, Internal Medicine, Ultrasonography and oncology. After this he worked in general practice at a 24 hour clinic in Brisbane, and then moved to the  Animal Emergency Service at Underwood.

In 2014 he became owner/Director of the Sunshine Coast Animal Emergency Service, and worked clinically as an Emergency and Critical Care Clinician, obtaining Membership qualifications in Emergency and Critical Care.

When AES became a 24 hour facility in 2022, he worked as the day Emergency clinician, and became highly passionate about developing relationships with owners, and reinforced an open hospital, allowing owners to spend as much time in hospital with their pets while they were sick.

His passions are making the veterinary visit as least stressful as possible, enjoying sitting on the floor and cuddling the patients before exams, and allowing owners to be present for suitable procedures. His clinical passions are soft tissue surgery, ultrasonography and diagnostic medicine.

When not at work Matt devotes his time to his human and fur family at home, with his wife of 26 years, six children, 3 beagles, many cats and 5 snakes. He loves the Sunshine Coast, and is driven to providing an exceptional service and friendship along the way.


Vet Nurse Bec


Vet Nurse Bec


Greetings! I'm Vet Nurse Bec, a dedicated veterinary professional with a passion for ensuring pets lead healthy and happy lives. Since embarking on my journey in 2009 after completing high school, I have honed my skills and expertise as a vet nurse, striving to be a voice and advocate for our beloved animal companions.

For the first half of my career, I had the privilege of working in a mixed practice on the picturesque South Coast of NSW. However, a little over six years ago, I made the exciting decision to relocate to the stunning Sunshine Coast. Since then, I have directed my focus towards working exclusively with small animals, allowing me to specialize in their unique care requirements.

My decision to become a vet nurse was driven by a deep desire to make a positive impact on pets' lives. I recognize that animals cannot communicate their needs to us directly, so it is our responsibility to be their voice and ensure their health and well-being are prioritized. Guided by this mission, I approach each day with enthusiasm and dedication.

At Maroochydore Road Veterinary Surgery, continuous education and professional development are highly valued. In a career that constantly evolves with new products and techniques, staying updated is essential. Maroochydore Road Veterinary Surgery understands this and supports its staff, fostering an environment that encourages learning and growth. Additionally, the clinic recognizes the emotional toll of our high-stress profession, providing crucial support for the well-being of its team members, especially during challenging moments such as euthanasia.

Beyond my professional endeavours, I find joy in various activities. Home renovations provide me with a creative outlet, allowing me to transform spaces and create beautiful environments. Additionally, I prioritize my well-being by staying active, regularly visiting the gym. Spending quality time with my daughter and our canine companions during walks is another cherished part of my life.

Speaking of my furry friends, I am a proud owner of a magnificent 12-year-old Whippet named Lilly, who certainly knows how to "whip it real good!" I am also fortunate to share my life with Rambo, a 13-year-old feline companion who brings endless joy and companionship.

With a decade-plus of experience as a compassionate vet nurse, I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of pets and their devoted human companions. I am committed to upholding the highest standards of care, ensuring each animal receives the love, attention, and expertise they deserve.


Vet Nurse Georgia


Vet Nurse Georgia


Hello there! I'm Vet Nurse Georgia, a highly skilled IV Veterinary nurse committed to providing outstanding care to our beloved animal companions. With my qualification earned in 2020 and three years of experience in a mixed practice on the Sunshine Coast, I recently made the decision to join the exceptional team at Maroochydore Road Veterinary Surgery. This move allows me to further my professional development and embrace a healthier work-life balance.

I find immense joy in surgical nursing and neonatal care, as these areas allow me to apply my expertise and provide specialized attention to animals in need. Maroochydore Road Veterinary Surgery provides an incredible work environment that not only promotes a stress-free atmosphere but also supports continual educational growth, enabling us to provide a gold standard of service to our clients and their furry family members.

To augment my skills, I have pursued additional qualifications in the Recover CPR course, both Basic and Advanced. Equipped with these life-saving techniques, I am prepared to handle critical situations and offer vital care to animals requiring immediate attention. While studying, I also dedicated my time to volunteering at SCARS, which provided invaluable hands-on experience working with animals from diverse backgrounds. This opportunity further enriched my understanding and deepened my compassion for the well-being of animals in our care.

As a current member of the VNCA (Vet Nurse Council of Australia), I am dedicated to upholding the highest standards of veterinary nursing. This affiliation allows me to remain connected with fellow professionals, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the continuous improvement of our field.

During my leisure time, you will often find me at the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the tranquil beauty of the coastline. It is a place where I find solace and rejuvenation. Additionally, my two Dachshunds, Pickle and Bacon, bring immense joy to my life. While Pickle keeps me on my toes with her adventurous palate, frequently munching on rocks, plastic, and clothing, I adore her energetic spirit. Bacon, on the other hand, is a laid-back boy who revels in snuggles and leisurely days on the sofa. Completing my animal family is Luigi, a charming 3-year-old bearded dragon who adds a unique and fascinating element to my home.

With my unwavering commitment to exceptional veterinary care, I strive to make a positive impact on the lives of animals and their human companions. Whether it's through surgical nursing, neonatal care, or continued education, I am dedicated to providing the utmost care and compassion to ensure the well-being of our furry friends.



Vet Nurse Lisa


Vet Nurse Lisa


The history, The future!

Welcome to our clinic! Maroochydore Road Veterinary Surgery is a small animal practice on the Sunshine Coast. I have been working here the past 15 years and you are the reason why!

I am a fully certified Veterinary Nurse but have found my passion in what they call Client Administration. What this means for me is turning up at work every morning and looking at the calendar for familiar names, feeling excitement knowing that today I get to see some of my favourite people and pets. I love catching up and getting to know you, I love watching your pets grow through the years. We have the best clientele here at Maroochydore Road Veterinary Surgery and you are all welcome to join us here in this family.

Our clinic is so much more than gold standard veterinary treatment. It’s a happy place when you add a new pet to your family, it’s love and cuddles for your fur family of every age, it’s support in making difficult decisions, and advice you can trust and depend on. This is a safe place where you can be yourself whether you’re concerned and worried or having a fantastic day. We are here for you as much as we are your pets, and we are proud to be able to share this personable experience with you.